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We offer a range of psychometric assessments, and design bespoke programmes including workshops, talks, coaching and consultations to best meet the needs of you and your organisation. Contact us directly to arrange.

Alternatively, you can book our private coaching sessions below or take the courageous step forward yourself with our self guided course.

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Self Guided

Our ‘Control the Uncontrollable’ self guided course will help you manage change, build your resilience and achieve what you want in life.  At your own pace, in your own space, you will develop the skills to work through the challenges you’re facing right now. Over five modules -  Choose, Change, Control, Connect and Create - you will feel more confident, have a greater peace of mind and feel more able to ‘Control the Uncontrollable’.
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Blended Learning

Blended learning offers the best of both worlds - our self guided ‘Control the Uncontrollable”  course supported by 2 private individual coaching sessions.  Book your first session today to get really clear on your specific challenges, complete the self guided work in your own time and use the second session to move further toward your goals than ever before.  Get out of your own way, build your resilience and achieve what’s really important to you.
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Coaching Sessions

Confidential, private hourly coaching sessions will help you to get from where you are to where you want to be.  Our award winning one to one coaching sessions will help you work through those challenges and achieve the results you desire.  With encouragement and support from our coaching psychologist, you will stay focused and move forward with maximum efficiency. 
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