Woo hoo – It’s the weekend…… Oh wait…

This has been a week like none other. 

The sun’s out, it’s Friday evening, and part of me is thinking, at least it’s the weekend and I can have a break from all of this.
But of course I can’t.
Because of Covid-19.
Because my business has been impacted.
Because my life and that of my loved ones has been impacted. 
Because I can’t go anywhere to get away from it for a while.
Because I’ve a to-do list as long as my arm that I haven’t even started on because of all the juggling this week.

But mostly because of everything in my head. 
There’s a lovely quote attributed to Mark Twain “I’ve lived through some terrible things in my life, some of which have actually happened”.  
Whatsapp messages, phones pinging, homeschool ‘schedules’, terrifying predictions, well-meaning suggestions, public service announcements, screaming headlines, evidence of incredible stupidity and selfishness, fears, worries, job losses, deaths, pleas from those at risk, stories of bravery and courage, community spirit, offers of help, and fears; huge scary undefinable, breath-stopping fears…
My mind doesn’t have a fitbit linked to it but if it did the numbers would be off the scale this week. 
And it takes its toll. 

I am well. My family and loved ones are well. But we are all at risk of being suffocated with information. 
We can’t control Covid-19. We can’t even control our automatic reaction to it. The fact is the human body is designed to Fight or Flight. That’s what has kept the human race alive till now. 
But exposing ourselves constantly to anxiety-provoking information is something that we’re doing. Not Covid-19. Us. Me.

And the irony is that if we don’t mind ourselves, we are putting ourselves at risk of a lowered immune system, and increased susceptibility to the very thing that’s threatening us all. 
Whether I like it or not, it’s as important as washing my hands and keeping my distance. I need to rest. 
And that I can control.

So, yes, it’s an absolutely gorgeous Friday evening, it’s the weekend, and I am going to have a break from all this. 
You can too. You just have to choose it.

Mind yourselves, nx