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Pete Brady,
Boston Scientific

Our team was struggling with organisational change which was driving teams to concurrently work across multiple projects. Directionality designed a course which allowed everyone to tackle both private and work-related challenges, creating a secure and safe environment, showing us the strength of our own current mental fitness and providing clear, evidence-based exercises to further our mental & emotional growth. Certain team members availed of 1:1 coaching which has been hugely impactful on their lives. As a result of Directionality’s workshop and individual coaching, our team reported an uplift in perceived resilience of 40%, which has allowed us to move forward with a much healthier attitude and relationship to the concept and realities of corporate change.

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Laura Maloney, Owner, Laurel the Salon

When I first contacted Directionality, I was on the brink of rebranding, relocating and upscaling my business and I was all over the place!!! I needed direction and help to focus my thoughts and dehaze my head. My sessions were a godsend – no matter what I brought to the table we filtered it down, breaking everything into manageable boxes. Directionality has not only aided me in my business but has given me coping skills that I can use through life in any scenario. I would highly recommend Directionality; so warm, kind and easy to talk to, with the right mix of empathy and tough love to boost you in the right direction.

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Brian Donnellon

My experience with Directionality was transformational and has given me valuable skills I can take forward after securing the right role for me. I had the pleasure of being introduced to Directionality after a sudden restructure in my previous employer. Initially, I had thought little of the need for coaching, but before long, it was evident that I had underestimated the challenges of finding professional roles at mid-career level. Niamh was genuinely compassionate and caring and at the same time was able to ask the hard questions needed to enable me to get over stumbling blocks that I hadn’t realised were even there! This ensured I stayed focused on landing the right job for me, and not otherwise missing out. I would highly recommend Directionality so you don’t miss out in your career and/or life goals.  

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