1. Directionality’s course is full of positivity and motivation, with the freedom to work at your own pace without negative and unhelpful pressure.

    I.M. Course Participant, 2020.
  2. The workshop helped me clarify a lot about my journey and where I'm going. It helped me learn that we all go through adversity, but come out the other end. I am now open to learning and new ideas.

    Y.S. Medical Coaching Client
  3. I had such a wonderful day at the workshop and enjoyed every minute. It helped me think about my goals and how to achieve them. Niamh was so informative and realistic she’s a very positive person. It was such a brilliant day and got me thinking about my aims in life.

    L.K. Cancer Coaching Workshop participant
  4. Directionality enabled me to stand confidently in my own skin having provided me with the tools to explore my values and reveal my own truth through the use of very practical, pertinent, focused and incisive exercises.

    B. M. Lloyds Pharmacy
  5. As a self-employed person running a small but busy business, before engaging Directionality, I wasn’t sure which direct I wanted to take the business and I was struggling to get the work life balance right! Niamh encouraged me to challenge myself, push myself to go outside my comfort zone and helped guide me in making goals both in business and personal life. Niamh also guided me in getting a better work scheduling and structure in place to give me a better work life balance. I am very grateful to Niamh and I’d highly recommend Niamh as coach.

    Patrick Sheridan, Business owner, 2020.
  6. Working with Directionality helped me to gain control over my situation, it gave me power.

    M.B. Medical Coaching Client. 2021
  7. Working with Directionality allows me to be clear on what I want, what I need to do and to be clear on what I say, in order to get the best results possible.

    R. C. Coaching Client 2021
  8. I have been 'stuck' in a rut for a number of years. Now I see that the only person standing in my way was myself. The fear of the unknown is very powerful but so too is our inner strength. I have a clearer mindset and an ability to achieve my full potential, as long as I continue to work towards that. Take part in this course if you get a chance, it might just be the push in the right direction you need.

    Pamela Boyd, Course Participant, 2019
  9. If I were to use words to describe our participants at the end of the programme it would be motivated, confident, and inspired to make positive changes in their lives. Excellent Programme.

    Gerard Callan Education Support Officer, MIDL. 2020
  10. I have returned confidence in who I am. Directionality has given me a genuine sense of vision of myself in the future, a positive vision. There is no way I can express enough thanks.

    L.M. Medical Coaching Client.
  11. I used to not appreciate the skill sets that I have and doing the coaching helped me to focus on myself and accept them. I would strongly recommend Directionality and Niamh's insightful advice.

    K.M - Individual Coaching Client