Organisational Psychology

Organisational psychology is what it says on the tin; the application of psychological theories and principles to organisations. 

For us, this means providing services to organisations that lead to incremental positive improvements for all involved. That is, improving workplace interactions, developing leadership skills, boosting resilience and mental fitness, and helping leaders create the environment where sustainable high performance is possible for all. 

In plain english, our organisational psychology services help the organisation and those in it work, better.

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Business Psychology

The world of the small business owner is a complex one, constantly blurring the boundaries between personal and professional lives. 

Our business psychology services help business leaders create the space, mental clarity and drive that will enable them to serve their employees and their customers in a healthier, more sustainable way. 

Work with Directionality to meet your challenges head on with clarity rather than stress, and we will support you to emerge with resilience and excitement, stronger than ever before.

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Coaching Psychology

We don’t expect to get through life without a few scrapes, but some knockbacks are a lot harder to overcome on your own. 

Our primary objective is to help you move through those challenges. We help you develop self awareness, courage, and confidence, and we support you as you take tentative steps towards the future that really matters to you. 

Whether it’s a return to work following illness, recovering from one of life’s curveballs, or making a complete change in your life, psychology courses and award-winning coaching can help you make it happen.

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