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About Directionality

Directionality came about when Niamh Gaffney realised her ten years’ experience in business and coaching psychology, her 15 years’ leadership in the corporate sector, and her X-Factor sob story (she can’t sing, but the cancer story would DEFINITELY have guaranteed a live spot in the finals!) gave her a brilliant opportunity to help people work, better. Her experience and example ensure a unique empathy and perspective on the challenges you face, in or out of the workplace.

About Medical Coaching

We’re often asked about Medical Coaching: What is it? Who can benefit from it? Do you have to be sick? Is it kinda like counselling? Well no. Coaching of any sort can be therapeutic but it is unlike counselling and it’s not therapy. Medical coaching supports people to manage the realities of illness, whether as the patient themselves, as a caregiver or as a family member. In particular we work with those affected by cancer and those suffering from severe burnout and chronic stress. 


About Business and Coaching Psychology

Sure, anyone can be a coach. It’s all just common sense. You just have to be positive. Be vegan. Dance in the full moonlight on the Bog of Allen on the 30th of February and things will be grand. Right? 

For some people, yes, a good dose of common sense and a dollop of willpower and things will in fact be grand. The rest of us, sometimes need a little support, a new perspective and an empathetic ear. We also maybe need a good kick in the … though maybe that’s just us!  

At Directionality we use research-driven business and coaching psychology techniques to support you in your quest to achieve what matters to you. We listen to you. We hear you. We challenge you. We join your laughter. We sit with you as you cry. We encourage you to grow. We hold your hand as you take tentative steps forward. And we let go and celebrate as you make your mark.

Talks & Articles

Niamh Gaffney is regularly called upon to speak on topics including “Building Resilience”, ‘Mental Fitness’, ‘Managing Change’, ‘Creating a New Normal’ and ‘Life After Illness’, at national and international events, including The TedX stage and the Talks@Google series. She is also a regular contributor to various publications including ‘Happy Magazine’, ‘Coaching World’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Irish Psychologist’.

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Corporate Experience

With a commercial career spanning 15 years across 11 countries, and professional qualifications in accountancy, languages, training and psychology, Niamh’s experience ensures that Directionality can quickly determine the most beneficial solution to an organisation’s situation, designing for them the bespoke programme that can ensure engaged, high performing, mentally fit employees.

Regulation & Governance

Coaching at Directionality is strictly governed by the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and the International Society of Coaching Psychologists (ISCP), of which Niamh is a member. Niamh is an accredited and award-winning member of ICF and is also licensed to practice as a Medical Coach (PMI).

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